Operations and Maintenance

Operations and maintenance are an integral part of the entire contracting project. If mishandled,  it can cause many troubles, mostly during post-fulfilment times. We will help you solve the post-fulfilment as well. O&M includes all the day-to-day functions important for the fulfilled requirement, its users/occupants, and equipment and systems to perform the desired results. A proper O&M plan is created with the consultation of the managers, various engineers, and other important team members. A foolproof document is prepared which can be handed over to you after the project completion that includes all the O&M plans (if you need it)

Here’s how it helps in achieving goals:

  • It helps in reducing the operation & maintenance cost of the project
  • It helps in extending and maximizing asset values
  • It eliminates all the risk factors
  • It defines clear responsibility and roles
  • It helps in the smooth functioning of operations

We at X have a trained team of experts highly experienced in the operations and maintenance field. Their thinking abilities will help you run all the operations easily.

Our O&M section offers guidance in the following area:

  • O&M manuals: Highly skilled designers are hired so that the final manual is top-notch with all the necessary information included in it. O&M represents the most expensive side in a facility’s entire life cycle. So our proper O&M manuals will help you cut those expenses and provide all the description of  the methods, tools, processes, frequencies, and components required for operations and management of the assets
  • CMMS (Computerized Maintenance Management System): This system contains all the practices and procedures to keep track of all the maintenance functions inside the facilities build
  • RPI (real property inventory): This helps our clients summarize all the inventory needed to be maintained. It helps to manage all the physical assets of the facility

So join hands with us and let’s start your project discussion. Our O&M service is unmatchable, it will help you to run your operations smoothly and maintain your facility healthy as long as you want.

CBE DBE (LSDZR 22183122921) Certified