About Us

K&C LLC is a Certified CBE DBE (LSDZR 22183122921) registered in the District of Columbia. K&C is a full-service government contracting firm focusing on Procurement, Logistics, Operations and Maintenance, and Project Management.

Our work and new lessons go hand in hand

Our team doesn't limit itself. They train their mind with new and innovative ways of learning and experiences. We have a unique construction style which helps us in delivering unparalleled results.

Our love for magnificent buildings and breath-taking interiors is unmatchable

We are constantly upgrading/updating ourselves as per the new demands in the construction world. We aim to deliver world-class structures with exquisite interiors. Our team of civil engineers and interior designers love what they do, and they do it with perfection.

CBE DBE (LSDZR 22183122921) Certified